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Any Payments

Accept Crypto payments from your online customers on your smartphone.
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Any Payments

Crypto Payments are faster, cheaper and guarantee no chargebacks.
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Get Started with Crypto Payments

We have created a few plugins for the most popular shopping carts to make integrations fast and easy, even for a non-technical user. Get start accepting Crypto Payments today!

Jina Nilson, UI Designer
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Get Started in
a Few Minutes with WallApp

Create Payment Address

Provide your payout wallet address and callback URL to WallApp API.

Ask for Payment

Show customer the wallet address as well as the payment amount.

Wait for Payment

Confirmation on blockchain may take a minute or two. Wait it.

Get Payment Notification

Callbacks are sent to the URL you specified. You can process order.

Get Your Paid

Payment is sent to the payout wallet immediately. Take money.

Enjoy Our App

Confirmation on blockchain may take a minute or two. Wait for it.

Implement ideas

On your website

Zero Fraud

Guarantee no chargebacks

Privacy & Security

Customer and merchant
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